The Brazilian Multistakeholderism on Internet Governance



This work examines the multistakeholder model of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (, a pioneering experience of national internet governance, since 1995. It introduces’s functions and outcomes as a non-regulatory agency, and analyzes it based on latent questions of the multistakeholderism scholarship related to the role of government, the mechanisms of participation and the institutional design and procedural rules of a multistakeholder initiative. It shows that while the government is’s legal sponsor, there are other sources of legitimation and aspects of’s design, executive office and business model that are counterweights to it. The article also identifies and problematizes different multistakeholder models that coexist within the organization—participatory and representative—and proposes recommendations to leverage this kind of organization in terms of its participation structure and the diversity of interests within it. This paper is informed by documentary research and two months of field research conducted through participatory observations and in-depth interviews at the executive office of and at events supported by the organization.


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