Proposal for a digital literacy index: results of the methodological formulation (ICA 2014, Pre-Conf on Digital Divides)



The objective of this article is to present a proposal for the design of a new indicator named Digital Literacy Index, which intends to move the Brazilian debate focused today in the access to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to focus on ICT use and the skills associated with it. The index approach differs from metrics that assess tool dexterity, because it is built on the social use of digital resources, and its benefits to daily life. The methodology used to design the index is qualitative and involves research of primary and secondary data. The result of the study is the conceptualization of digital literacy as the index constructo, the definition of its social dimensions and the design of a skill and abilities rubric which will subsidize the future data collection instruments for the index, contributing for diversifying the approach of digital inclusion policies in Brazil, including its monitoring and evaluation.


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